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ARM Assembly is Too High Level: ROR and RRX 1

Note: If you prefer video format to reading stuff, there’s a companion video for this: Looking at instruction encodings, ‘ROR r0, #0’ should be the same as ‘RRX r0, r0’. Let’s first take a look at the encoding for the ROR instruction:   So Rm gets rotated imm5 places and gets stored into Rd Now […]

Follow-up on creating Vm0wd2Qy > 9000

  This is referring to my previous post Vm0wd2Qy, and a clarification of how I got my results. If you repeatedly Base64 encode a string, you will eventually get Vm0wd2Qy as the first part of your string. In my previous post, I have 10,000 characters that you would eventually get as the first part of your string […]

Vm0wd2Qy 2

This article will be about 2 encodings/interpretations of binary; ASCII and Base64. ASCII is an 8-bit (debatable I know, but go with it) character encoding, and Base64 is a 6-bit character encoding. Conversions can be made between them: Not too interesting. This post is more about a string like “Vm0wd2Qy”: [2nd command is just there […]

2K of RAM

Background: This is an old picture I found from around early 2001. In the 2nd semester of my degree we were given lot’s of components in our ‘lab kit.’ One of these components was a static 2k RAM chip. I later found out that we were never intended to actually use this chip for class…too […]

Unimpressive Presentation Software

I call it unimpress. It’s terminal-only presentation software. It’s a perl script that uses ncurses. So it has “window borders,” “colors,” “text formatting,” “animations,” “slide transitions,” and many other things I could put in “quotes.”

Unused 8ball Art

I was originally going to include this image in the HOPE and Defcon talk I did earlier this year when talking about 8ball, but we conservatively decided not to. If you are viewing this blog post at a location that uses an IDS, then the people that review the logs may get an alert or […]

I’m using WordPress…

Yep, this is because I don’t care much about web design. I tried creating a website (from scratch) more than a decade ago, if anyone has seen during that time period, they would fully understand why I am using everyone elses wheels for that kind of stuff now. Thankfully, I turned web-design of […]