XlogicX Blog


Not to make a big thing of it, because it's not, especially since I made the change well over a year ago and made no mention of it. If you've visited this blog anytime in the last year or so and remember what it used to look like, I have moved off of WordPress. I have gone very web 1.0. The visual style may not be for everyone. It's just a normal webserver without needing any frameworks on top, like some kind of SQL or CMS. I'm writing this in a text editor and have a simple python script that glues all my blog posts together and presents summaries of each as a few per page of results. It also populates an RSS file (xlogicx.rss), as I'm still a huge fan of RSS. This whole approach provides less 'surface' if you know what I mean. I prefer this minimalist approach. It is just content, I don't need all the frills of Wordpress, I don't need other contributers, I have no need for community comments for each post. If discussion with me on a topic is wanted, just email me or get me on Twitter or something.

Ironically, After doing the redesign, I then just left the blog to rot. Well, I just haven't been posting any content since I 'updated' it. Most of the reason is merely because I wasn't working on anything worth sharing in blog form. Another related part of that is just that maybe the pandemic had a bigger effect on me than I realized. It's been a dark time for many of us, and many of us have also had other complications layered on top of the pandemic itself.

I still don't feel like I'm working on anything major, but I do plan to start pushing a small burst of new posts in the real short term. It will be a detour from the old 'Everything is Too High Level' theme. The theme of a few of the nexts posts will be a little more about getting to know me, parts of me.