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11-05-2015 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_Subtracting_by_Comparing_-_Propeller

SUB and CMP are already similar enough in x86, but in Propeller, they are even encoded super similar, to where you can do some stupid assembly syntax to convert one into the other.

10-20-2015 - Assembly_is_Too_High-Level_-_AAD-AAM,_Even_the_Math_is_Too_High-Level

This is by far my favorite x86 encoding thing; you can unlock way more functionality with this instruction that requires machine encoding beyond just basic assembly.

09-27-2015 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_Propeller_NOPs,_like_if_never

Pretty much any insctruction can be a NOP, due to a 'never' condition. ARM is very similar in this way.

09-19-2015 - Obscure_FISTing

Using the FIST instruction as an obfuscation technique, because fisting.

09-17-2015 - Assembly_Is_Too_High_Level_-_Undocumented_Code_Exploration

Taking a look at some blank spots in the Intel manuals opcode map.

09-12-2015 - Assembly_Is_Too_High-Level_-_Full_Offsets

Intel tries to abuse the ModR/M table for variable byte NOPs, read on to see how we can do some better abuse for multibyte NOPs that are also still sledable.

09-10-2015 - Assembly_Is_Too_High-Level_-_OP_REG,imm_redundancies

Some instructions have a register (a common one like EAX) hardcoded, but you can still use the non hardcoded encoding and still pick EAX. This offers a redundancy.

09-10-2015 - Assembly_Is_Too_High-Level_-_Better_Call_SAL

SAL is valid assembly, but gets encoded as SHL, yet we can still hardcode the real SAL, and it works as it should!

09-06-2015 - How_to_Machine

A tutorial/walkthrough on some of my methods of writing code in machine code instead of assembly language.

09-05-2015 - Bass_+_Computer

A breif description of the brain I put into my bass guitar.

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