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01-24-2016 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_Why_ESP_doesn't_scale_-_But_EBP_can_still_Base

Not all registers can be scaled (multiplied by 1, 2, 4, & 8), read on for details of why this is a thing due to machine encoding.

01-24-2016 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_Redundant_Bit_commands

Some insctructions have the operand of immediate 1 hardcoded, but you can still use 1 as an operand value for the variale immediate data.

01-19-2016 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_SIB_Doubles

Some abuse and redundancy discussion involving scaling by 2 and other edge cases with the SIB table.

01-11-2016 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_Load_InEffective_Address

LEA is encoded with the MODR/M byte, even though that would allow for some invalid encodings. Read on if you want to explore what happens when we do this.

01-05-2016 - Assembly_is_Too_High-Level_-_TEST_r32,_r-m32,_exists_in_assembly,_but_not_the_machine

A test instruction that is valid in assembly language, but has no machine encoding. The assembler uses something logically equivalent when encoded.

12-30-2015 - Assembly_is_Too_High-Level_-_BSWAPin_16-bit_Registers

It is invalid assembly to BSWAP 16-bit registers, read on to find out what happens when we try to do it anyway.

12-19-2015 - Assembly_is_Too_High-Level_-_Self_Modifying_Code_with_Basic_Arithmetic

Use simple math instructions to modify other instructions for some fun self modifying code.

11-25-2015 - Follow-up_on_creating_Vm0wd2Qy_-_9000

There were some questions to my methods for the original post on Vm0wd2Qy, so this is a follow-up to explain everything.

11-08-2015 - Assembly_is_Too_High_Level_-_Jump_Near_When_Short

Encoding of the JMP instruction can have reduncancies, here we explore using less common encodings.

11-06-2015 - Vm0wd2Qy

Some recursive Base64 magic.

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